Presidential Candidate Opinion: Ted Cruz

Oh, Mr. Cruz.

You were once one of my top picks. Tied for second in my eyes.

And then Iowa happened.

Iowa state flag
Iowa state flag

Your campaign lied to voters to sway caucus-goers to leave Ben Carson and side with you, CNN has refuted your claims that campaign workers were just relaying publicly reported news, and now we have time-stamped voicemails showing that your campaign was calling caucus workers after both CNN and the Carson campaign stated publicly that he was in fact staying on the campaign trail.

It’s dirty politics. Politics as usual, yes, but that’s not exactly what we’re looking for this time around.

I agree with you on so many issues, but this dirty trick and the continued lies trying to justify it, have left a bad taste in my mouth.

And then I find out about the mailer controversy, and that while you claim to support first responders you refused to support the Zadroga Act… you’re falling farther and farther down my list of choices.

You are no longer anywhere near the top of my list Mr. Cruz, not when there are several very well qualified candidates still in the running.


For those who are interested, Dr. Ben Carson is currently my top pick, with Mr. Marco Rubio my second choice.

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